By Dr. Kiwi S. Kalloo

Matthew 5:3

3Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed: from the Hebrew H1288 Barak Beyt-Resh-Daleth (To be favored or to favor oneself) (the ability to chose) to chose to be favored.


  • All of creation is a house in relationship to God
  • God’s desire to make for Himself a dwelling place in lower reality.
  • The #2 the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the #2 speaks of a testimony or a rebellion. How can two walk together unless they both agree.
  • Man’s ability to chose between good and evil, choosing to make his body the house of God.
  • The power to bless in fullness, the fullness of God being revealed in his creation.
  • This house is God’s house
  • The Torah teaches “They shall build me a Temple and I will dwell in them”

Resh-Head or Beginning

  • The two letters that fill the letter reish are yud and shin, spelling yeish, which means “something,”
  • we are taught that though the lower “something,” the “created something,” appears to be totally separate from the consciousness of its Creator and the creative force which continuously brings it into existence,
  • As that lower something, God sees value in each of us.
  • The insight of Divine wisdom is the “nothing” between the two states of “something,” whose ultimate purpose is to serve to draw the consciousness of the “True Something” into the experience of the lower “something.”
  • The separation of something and nothing is the first day of our true beginning.
  • Resh is declared by the #200 which declares that
    • Creation begins from the “middle point” of God’s Infinite Light.
  • The evolving of the “Kingdom of the Infinite.”
  • The King and His people.


  • Speaks of the door that stands in the opening of the house
  • In regard to an arrogant person God says: “I and he cannot dwell together.” The door to God’s house allows for the humble of spirit to enter.
  • Pride is the result of an exalted ego, man in his rebellious stage, Adam’s inheritance.
  • The door is not intended for us to enter in but for God to come into his house who are we.
  • Lose the pride and God will come in
  • Represented by the #4 which speaks of the elements of the earth, all that is carnal or carnal man who needs to decrease so God can increase or come in.


Root Word ptōchos  from the Greek G4434 which means to crowch down which is the Greek word Akin which comes from

G4422 and the alternate of G4098

1) reduced to beggary, begging, asking alms (I need you Lord)

2) destitute of wealth, influence, position, honour ( I am nothing on my own)

a) lowly, afflicted, destitute of the Christian virtues and eternal riches ( my riches is like filthy rags )

b) helpless, powerless to accomplish an end ( I am nothing without you )

c) poor, needy ( I have room in my inn for you )

3) lacking in anything ( I need you to come and fill my lack of Godliness )

a) Destitute for truth ( that truth is God )