As it was in the days of Noah

As it was in the days of Noah


Dr. Kiwi S. Kalloo

 Establishing people in the Heart of God in Kingdom Principles, in Worship, Sonship and Maturity.


They were eating and drinking and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered into the Ark, and knew not until the flood of judgment came and took them (The ungodly, the wicked) away. The righteous however was left to inherit the earth, after the waters (judgment) receded Noah the righteous and his family, (the over comers, the first born, the sons of God, the bride of Christ) stepped out on the earth, it all belonged to them, there was no one to dispute their claim, the fat of the land was theirs, God had given it to them, the wicked had been taken away. Noah and his meek family inherited the earth.

John.15:1-2 every branch that beareth not fruit he taketh away and the ones that did bear fruit he purgeth so that it would bear more fruit. The pruning hook of God is walking through the garden (church) and he has a pruning hook (the Word) in his hand (the 5 fold ministry) and he is performing surgery, he is cutting off the gangrene legs (the last part of the body that is being born out) so that the church can have a foundation of sons who will be able to stand and proclaim the Word. God is calling a people from a people, a church from a church, a nation from a nation; God is building his city who we are. We will inherit the earth but our ultimate inheritance is God. If I win anything it should be Christ, all else is lost in the fire with the hay and stubble. Our commission is to tell the entire world but our purpose is to know Him. That we might grow up in all things even Christ. Our call is to grow up and be like him, in our communication, in our walk, in the fear of God, in holiness and truth.

God is working a work to bring his people to perfection. The prince and power of the air (atmosphere) is commissioned to take us out, (kill us) but we want to be left alive to inherit God, in his subtle ways, he is using traditions, programs, soothing words to distract us, he stands outright with his sting of death (sin) hoping to contaminate us, his soldiers are trained snipers (lust, lies, murders, adultery, fornication, hate, ungodliness, discord, stiff necks, disobedience, witchcraft etc.) Waiting to take us out, but we want to remain; we want to shoot our roots downwards so that as we grow upward and bear fruit, more fruit and much fruit so that the husbandman can walk through his garden and partake of his fruit. The waster was made to destroy. The devil is a tool in the hand of God.

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